Listed below are the names of all Newark Town Councillors,  and which Ward they represent:

Beacon Ward

Councillor Martyn Cleasby - Independent
Councillor Mrs Rita Crowe - Conservative
Councillor Miss Helen Gent - Conservative
Councillor David Lloyd - Conservative
Councillor Tony Roberts MBE - Conservative
Councillor Mathew Skinner - Conservatve

Bridge Ward

Councillor Mrs Irene Brown – Independent
Councillor Mrs Gill Dawn – Independent
Councillor Laurence Goff - Independent
Councillor Roy Williams - Conservative

Castle Ward

Councillor Keith Girling - Conservative
Councillor Dean Hyde – Conservative


Devon Ward

Councillor Mrs Cathy Barker-Powell - Labour
Councillor Max Cope - Conservative
Councillor Robert Crowe - Conservative - Town Mayor
Councillor Peter Duncan - Conservative
Councillor Dennis Jones - Labour
Councillor Simon Haynes - Conservative