Use your right to vote……

and help to influence Newark’s future.

Local elections for the Town Council are held on the first Thursday in May every four years, the last one was on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

There may be by-elections in between, but the next Full Town Council elections for all 18 seats will therefore be held in 2023.

Surveys reveal that while many people want a say in how their area is run, many do not even know who their Councillors are.  Newark Town Council's Town Clerk, Mr Alan Mellor, explains: "From the right to make representations on planning applications, the state of footpaths and street lighting, events and festivals, the town council has a wide range of responsibilities.  It makes decisions which affect your everyday life.
Many people may think that their opinions don't count and public statements over the years have further reduced the hope that local action can, or will, make any difference.   The answer is - you vote, you decide.  It's an important way of having your say on the issues you care about and choosing who will take decisions on your behalf.

In May 2019, eighteen Town Councillors were elected to represent your views and now the message from us all is please come along to our meetings, get involved and find out what's happening.  By taking an interest and voting, local people are ensuring a better service for themselves from us"

There are six wards, each electing multiple Councillors.  Devon ward has 6 Councillors, whilst Beacon has 5 Councillors, Bridge has 3 Councillors and Castlen has 2 Councillors.   Sleaford and Magnus wards each have one Councillor.  

For more information please contact the Town Clerk's Office on 01636 684801.