Hawton Allotment


Newark Town Council currently has 5 allotment sites with the boundaries of the town. There are 173 plots altogether, of varying sizes.

The are located at:

  • Barnby Road
  • Bowbridge Road
  • Fleming Drive
  • Hawton Road/ St. Catherines




An allotment tenancy lasts for one year and the approximate cost, dependent upon size, is between £10 and £120.

A £20 Bond deposit for all sites will be required; these are refundable when the tenancy ceases.


How to Apply

Each site has a waiting list and the Town Council currently only takes applications from anyone living in Newark.

Once you have been allocated a plot, dependant on its condition the Council may be able to assist in preparing the plot for cultivation.

If you wish to apply for an allotment or require any further advice, please contact Newark Town Council on 01636 684805 or email post@newark.gov.uk

Newark Allotment Society

The Society has been set up by allotment holders from all sites to be a voice for all allotment holders.  They offer helpful advice and hold regular meetings.

The Society is not just open to allotment holders, but also all enthusiastic gardeners within Newark, who can become Associated Members.  A Membership Application Form can be obtained from Newark Town Council.

Please contact 01636 684805, or email post@newark.gov.uk for further details.